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      I was diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease, a very progressive form at the age of 24 years old. It took several years of going from one provider to another trying to find out why there was days that I could not pick up my 1 year old child. It may seem crazy but I was so happy when I found out what was causing the pain.
       With back pain, I cannot get comfortable for long. I am always shifting positions or getting up and just walking around the room for a few minutes to try to ease the pain a little. The one thing I have found that works the best is “water or aqua therapy”. The issue is that my insurance will only pay for a set number of trips. About the time I really start noticing a big difference with my pain easing off I run out of visits.
      There is not a local public heated pool and the place that I do therapy under insurance coverage is a health club which costs a membership and that is expensive. It can be heartbreaking.
      I have multiple other pain conditions and syndromes which also add to my pain levels. It seems as if when you find you have one pain condition that it just rolls downhill from there and they start adding up.

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      Back pain is such a complicated thing. I too deal with degenerative joints, stenosis, spontaneous fusion, scoliosis, and a bunch of other diagnoses that I’m not able to spell (let alone pronounce). It is an up and down journey literally and figuratively. When I’m up, I’m able to walk a fair amount as long as I keep moving. It is the standing still that literally wears me down. My physical therapy team has given me a modified pilates/yoga/isometric routine to keep me working on my core strength. I’ve not been able to swim for several reasons (asthma response to chlorine, reynaud’s flare when it is cold, and some other weird stuff) so I rely on other stuff.

      I have a far-infrared heating pad for my back that I use a couple of times a week to reduce spasms and stretch out those knots. Epsom salt baths or foot soaks help a great deal also.

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      I also use heating pads and ice packs. I use to find that movement helped the stiffness and also would help ease some of the pain. Now I can only manage about 30 minutes before the pain increases too fold. It is a never-ending battle to keep moving without adding to the pain.

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      Hi. I “deal” with back pain through multiple methods – lots of walking, ice/heat, acupuncture, stretching, medications (narcotics, anti-inflammatory meds, muscle relaxers), visits with a pain psychologist, pain management doctors and ablations….well, you name it. I have had three surgeries and a flesh eating infection that has left the back of my right leg permanantly numb. And numbness is a good thing! Now I cope with arthritis and severe si joint pain. I utilize every method possible to help me manage my pain both physically and psychologically. Sometimes I am able to pretend it doesn’t exist by masking it with medication and nerve blocks…and pretending I am a normal mom on “good” pain days. But I am not. I am always hurting….it is only the pain level that changes. Always hurting. It wears me down, depresses me, makes me feel like a failure as a mom, wife, teacher. It has destroyed me. Ages me. The only reason I am still here is because of my family. So I guess that is how I deal with pain. I look at my family and realize that they are worth more than my pain. They keep me going. Without them, as a younger adult…..well, I do not think I would be strong enough to keep going. Over the past 7 years, I have learned empathy and I ache not only for myself, but for every good person out there dealing with chronic pain.

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        Hi Nicole
        I just joined this support group and my god we have so much in common your whole short story in a nut shell is almost exactly as mine. I am so sorry to hear of your pain journey, what a awful journey. I am so happy you stay so positive and find the strength in your family. I do as well some days I just cry… why can’t I pick up my 3 year old, why can’t I bend over to pick up his what ever he has just dropped on the floor, I often ask myself am I a good enough mom? It is so frustrating to know you are going to wake up in pain, and its hard sleeping at night trying to get comfortable. Oh and forget about it if my husband wakes me up in the middle of the night, I can never get back to sleep b/c the pain is debilitating. Just reading your words helped me know I am ok, and I am not the only one in this awful position. I look forward to learning more. thank you

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      Maggie and noki4 – my degenerative disc is ease started when I realized that I was developing back pain while holding my 1 year old son (2nd child) also! And…dealing with a team is the best way to try to live/learn to live with back pain because it can be very complicated. Beware of surgeries – they can fix one problem and open the door to a whole new set of issues. I see a pain psychologist – well respected and a leader in alternative pain treatment methods. He started me with a book – ACT Made Simple by Russ Harris. I have to start reading it again to get on track! The book teaches you to accept what is out of your control, it teaches you how to take action to enrich your life by accepting pain – learning to separate that which is pain from you as a human being. It teaches you how to observe pain from the sidelines instead of being personally consumed by it. I have to start reading it again. I get sidetracked with doctors and plans for more surgery – while this book is waiting for me to pick up. I recommend it – available on kindle. My Pain psychologist, Dr Lewandowski uses ACT treating patients and has written books and pain workbooks to help patients learn how to live with pain instead of constantly fighting it. It’s not easy, but it might be worth your time to give it a try. Nicole

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      See previous post!

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      What do pain psychologists do?

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        Hi Patricia,
        My understanding is that pain psychologists specialize in pain management. They deal strictly with pain management issues and all that goes along with living with pain. With pain being their specialized field they can understand better then a general psychologists. I hope this helps.

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      One of the best things about these discussion forums here at TPC are it allows us to share and it allows us to see that we are not alone.

      I know exactly what you are feeling in regards to being a good mother. My pain journey started when all three of my children were small. I had a one year old and a six and seven year old.

      There were days that I felt just about as low as I could because I did not think I was a good mother to my precious girls. That was many years ago and I want to share with you that all my girls are now grown, two of them married with children and they have shared with me how proud of me that they are.
      Even though I had the pain issues, they still felt the love they needed to feel and they still felt very well taken care of.

      You are a good mom and one of these days when your children are grown, I bet they too share with you how proud of you they are and let you know that you are a great mom.

      take care

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      A few months ago, I had a severe lower back pain. I went the doctor and told him everything. He diagnosed my back and after checking all report, he gave me few exercises for lower back and told me to change few daily habits such as sitting on the right chair, sleeping on the good firm mattress (floor is better than the mattress), avoid lifting overweight. He also suggested me to use massage recliner chair. I searched a lot of marketplace for good recliner. Finally, I found Reclinergenie and i bought a new recliner from here. After using few months, I am now free from all back pain. Thanks, my great doctor. I recommend everyone who is suffering from lower back pain, first go to the orthopedic doctor and get helpful suggestions from him.

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      I have a severe back pain for almost 1 week now because I work home base so that’s why I am sitting for 9 hours a day. Then upon checking the internet, i saw this article that CBD oil can help me to ease my pain. And as i can see it really helps me a lot,i did not put too much oil on my back but after 2 days i feel ok and comfortable again. Maybe this thing will help you also.

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      My name is guit30 ,this is my first time here. I have had back and neck pain for 20 years, I am on disability and in a lot of debt. I have DDD, scoliosis, cervical stenosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, several bulging or herniated discs,
      and that is the big part of the picture. I developed the scoliosis in about one year to a 60 degree lean, between S1 and L5. I can’t stand up straight or walk without a cane. Steroid shots do not help me, but give me anxiety.
      Now, I am having trouble getting my pain prescriptions filled. I have been getting my 30 mg oxycodone filled at the same rite aid for 2 years, now they are telling me I am taking too much medication. I have medicare, so I can’t afford name brand meds. When I was still working, I had good insurance, so I could take Oxycontin, which worked so much better, at a lower dose. Is anyone else having trouble getting their pain medications?

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      Hi Guit30,

      I responded to your other message about this but I am also going to share what I wrote here in case you miss the other one. There are a lot of people having this issue.

      The CDC came out with Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids due to the opioid of overdoses. Since then pharmacies have implemented new rules saying that they will not fill a prescription over a certain milligram without talking to the doctor that issues the prescription. Some pharmacists are taking it a step further and trying to talk doctors into lowing the dose of the medication and if that does not happen then they are refusing to fill the prescriptions.

      In the end it is up to your doctor to decide what dosage of medication you are on. You may find that you will have to change pharmacies if the one you are using now continues to refuse the prescriptions from your doctor.

      Best of luck,

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      Hello Guit30,

      Welcome to The Pain Community (TPC). We also responded to your message on the other forum however like Noki4 we wanted to also post here.

      We are sorry to hear that you are having issues filling your prescriptions from your health care provider. As Noki4 mentioned this is in part due to the new guidelines that pharmacies are putting in place.

      If you have tried speaking to the pharmacist and your doctor has tried and they still refuse to fill the legitimate prescription you may be best served to find another pharmacy. If this is the way you decide to go please talk to your doctor first. Many doctors who treat chronic pain have patients sign an agreement/contract stating they will only use one pharmacy and the name and location of that pharmacy is usually written in the contract.
      In order to change to another pharmacy it would need to be noted in your records by your doctor. So please continue to communicate with your doctor if you decide to seek another pharmacy.

      We would like to give you the schedule for the upcoming hosted chats, the chats are held, Monday – Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (ET).

      We also have support calls every Tuesday and the schedule can be found at this link;

      TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls

      If you have any questions about the hosted chats or support calls please let us know here or you may email us at;

      Take Care,

      TPC Yaya
      TPC Community Moderator

      “The views or opinion(s) contained herein do not necessarily represent those of The Pain Community.”

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      I think we are all always looking for “one more thing to try” in our search for the right mix of things to manage our pain.

      I have had to use a far infrared heating pad quite a bit lately to manage my lumbar pain. Spondylolithesis and arthrodesis have been flaring up. I think it is because I was traveling for a week recently and wasn’t as regular with the pt exercises that keep things tolerable.

      Ice makes it worse for me. Anybody else have that problem?

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      My first post. I have a serious lower back condition and associated pain issues. I am not good at opening up about my pain, but I am going to give this forum a try. I am thinking about trying TENS therapy. I like the idea but I don’t know much about TENS in general. I need to figure out which TENS unit would be best. Advice about TENS would be greatly appreciated.

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      Back pain can be cured through various methods such as exercise, using recliner chair, maintain good posture, right sitting and sleeping position, avoid lifting heavy weight, etc. I am using a recliner chair for my lower back pain. I bought a massage recliner chair from
      Chairsadvisor few months ago. Everyone should be aware of the spine and prevent it from back pain. For more advice, go to the doctor. Thank you.

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      @BlueBerry Hi I think that you should find out the cause of back pain. Also if you sit on sit on chair long time, you should fix it. Also some exercise and massage therapy may help. So, diagnosis at 1st then treat for it.

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      Hey! First and foremost listen to what everyone else is saying and go back to the doctor, the pain you may have can be genetic or have formed on its own. Regardless of what the doctor tells you, you need to be conscious of your posture at all times. Its not your fault but younger generations are exposed to lots of new things. Schools make you teenagers carry more books than your spine can handle every single day, computers, whether used for work, or entertainment, cause you to lean forward in a way your back isn’t supposed to lean for hours on end, and phones cause you to always look down messing up your neck posture. All these things add up and hurt your spine becoming the main reason as to why your back may be hurting at such a young age. However, if you are conscious and take the right daily precautions you can slowly but surely fix your posture and in result attain a healthier back. Watch videos on foward neck posture, how to stand, and how to sit properly. There’s nothing wrong with sitting while watching tv, reading a book, or playing a game, as long as you sit properly if you want to sit on a couch for comfort try getting recliner chairs that are made for back pain. Heres a link if you want to take a look, good luck and make another doctors appointment! it should give you an idea of what the right chair may be for you

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      The load starts from the foot, I had such a problem when my back was very painful for several years in a row, although there were no injuries, but a simple dull pain, and when I went to a physical therapist he explained to me that the pains are due to flat feet , so the load is uneven, and then I recommended good orthopedic shoes, I tried hard, but the best option was, so I chose shoes that weren’t cheap, because I knew that the back problem wasn’t it will disappear, and literally, but my back immediately straightened, the pain passed instantly, and I feel much better.

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      The lift control is placed at the proper armrest and no longer at the far off, because of this you will constantly have easy access to the carry controls (as all of us recognize, remotes regularly have a tendency to wander away). Best Recliners For Sleeping And of path, there’s a on hand LIft function that pushes the chair up and will let you get up without problems.

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      Have you tried visiting chiropractic therapy North York for the pain? It is proven to be effective.

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