Good grief.  I just want a good night’s sleep.  So yesterday, I got these foot pads from Amazon that are supposed to help you sleep.  Now, imagine this picture:

I have these pads stuck on my feet.
I have my appliance stuck in my mouth to protect my teeth when I grind them.
I have the CPAP thing stuck up my nose.
I have a chin strap around my chin and velcroed at the top of my head.
I have fuzzy gloves on my hands (that I’ve put Vaseline on).

I am quite the sexy thing!

So, at 2:00 am my phone rings, and it’s the Security company telling me there’s been a breach in our mud room and asking if everything is ok.  Of course, we’ve heard nothing. Dave’s ringer is off, they’ve called Kimberly and her ringer is off, and for some reason, I’m the third person on the list and the only one with the ringer on.

Of course, I had those fuzzy gloves on so it’s hard to get the phone answered; I can’t really talk because air is whooshing out of the CPAP nozzle and I have that thing in my mouth; and, oh my gosh, who calls at 2 freaking AM?!

So, I take off the gloves, loosen the chin strap, unhook the CPAP, take the thing out of my mouth, and Dave goes downstairs to see what’s going on.  All good.  We’re ready to get back to sleep but I can’t find my chin strap.  I have to turn on the light, pull back all the covers, look under the bed, all over – only to find it HANGING AROUND MY STINKING NECK!!!!!

All I want is a good night’s sleep.

by Cindy Leyland, BCPA Former TPC Board Member

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