About Us

What we are:

The Pain Community (TPC) is a non-profit organization that engages patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and researchers to improve access to effective pain management. Through comprehensive, integrative pain care, people can regain a life with pain at a higher level of wellness. TPC has educational and advocacy tools as well as houses research resources from respected experts in the field of pain.

Our Mission:

True service is not a relationship between an expert and a problem … it is a relationship between people who bring the full resource of their combined humanity to the table and share them generously. –Rachel Remen

To support an active, energized and diverse community by promoting Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management (CIPM) education, wellness information and advocacy for quality pain care.

Our Vision:

People with pain are informed experts who actively manage their pain conditions to achieve better health and wellness in partnership with their healthcare providers.

Who we are:

TPC is a well-established, web-based organization operated by a diverse team of volunteers representing patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, academics, researchers, and advocates. We believe that our team of volunteer board members reflects diversity of perspective and expertise with years of experience working in, and navigating through, the complexities of pain management.

Who we were—a brief organizational history:

The Women With Pain Coalition (WWPC) was started in 2004 to raise awareness of gender disparities in pain management. Because of competing priorities and parallel missions of board members, this organization remained dormant until 2011. In 2012, the Board approved a proposal to adopt the DBA (doing business as) name “The Pain Community” (TPC) and established a steering committee to continue the work of promoting access to comprehensive integrative pain management.

The steering committee endeavored to build an informed virtual community in which people with pain, caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals can share information, education, advocacy, and, above all, generous and compassionate support.

What we stand for and what sets us apart:

What differentiates TPC from other organizations is that TPC engages all stakeholders in advocating for and supporting Comprehensive Integrative Pain Management (CIPM) . Together we embrace, promote, and educate others about a comprehensive integrative approach to care which is positive, hopeful, and empowering. A caveat: it requires an understanding that there are no quick fixes for pain, particularly when pain becomes chronic. To heal and achieve a new level of wellness takes work by both the person with pain and their health care provider(s).

TPC provides a safe and informed place for everyone – all genders, races and ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, spiritualities, and more – with discussions in chat rooms, blogs, and fact sheets for people with pain, advocates, and professionals.  We recognize that our experiences are similar and we encourage empowerment and participation in healthcare choices through education and dialogue. Additionally, healthcare professionals and researchers can find information and perspectives of people with pain. This fosters empathy and opens up opportunities for discussions to facilitate best practice treatments.

TPC shares their key messages to others based on this model of pain management. In addition, TPC is committed to demonstrating transparency about fiscal health and operations. This information is publicly available in the financial transparency section.

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