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Healing Art Program

The first Pain College module subject is an eight-session Healing Art experience with creative art facilitator Christine Davis Zouaoui, LPC, RPT-S. The use of creative or expressive art is not new – it’s been used for hundreds of years. Making art is therapeutic. The more formal art therapy is a specific form of psychotherapy that uses free expression and making art as a form of communication and self-expression. The goal of this creative art project is to provide a web-based creative art project for distraction, self-management of chronic pain, self-awareness and self-esteem, empowerment, and ultimately improved health outcomes in those with chronic pain. You do not need to have an art background or artistic skills to participate.


The second Pain College module subject is a six-session Music experience with music facilitator Laura Pawuk, MM, MT-BC. Those who live with chronic pain may have a difficult time finding the right words to describe a life of chronic pain. Music can provide you with an alternative way to express ever-changing emotions and be a potential form of help. Please participate in our experimental research study to examine the use of music to minimize pain. Learn how music might help you. Check out this six-session webinar series that will help you develop expressive music skills to help with your pain management. You do not need to have a music background or musical skills to participate.

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