Board of Directors

Maggie Buckley, MBA – Board Officer: Chairperson
Maggie has an MBA in accounting with experience in banking and business management. She has been a volunteer patient advocate for more than 20 years while living with the chronic pain condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Buckley has served on the board of several non-profit support organizations. She has testified at state and federal policy hearings, written articles and coached hundreds of people to self-advocate for better care. Buckley also served on the steering committee for The Pain Community during the early years.

Micke A. Brown, BSN, RN – Board Officer: Corporate Secretary and Treasurer
Micke is a registered nurse with experience in clinical advisement, communications, consumer and health care professional education, advocacy and business management. She has more than 35 years experience in nursing, with over 20 years in the specialty of pain management. From 2013 to current, she is serving as a program director for a state funded grant awarded to a university based school of pharmacy. That focus is to improve access to care for people who are prescribed controlled medications and have abruptly lost their healthcare provider along with assisting communities where they reside.
Brown has served on the board of directors for multiple organizations, testified before state and federal legislatures and regulatory agencies, lectured to professional and consumer audiences, conducted media interviews on television, radio, print and Internet venues as well as published on pain care, advocacy and support. She served as the steering committee chairperson for The Pain Community during the early years and contributes as a regular blogger, content developer and editor for TPC’s online community.

Yvette Colón, PhD, ACSW, BCD-Board Member
Yvette holds a doctoral degree in clinical social work, with experience in human resources, consumer education, Internet technology, training and supporting online communities and bilingual psycho-social support for pain, palliative care and oncology communities. With more than 20 years of experience, she has served on non-profit boards, published and lectured on psychosocial oncology, pain management, end-of-life social work practice, diversity and technology-based social work services. Colón is a cancer survivor and a past caregiver for a person with chronic pain. Colon also served on the steering committee for The Pain Community during the early years.

Lennie Duensing, MEd – Board Member
Lennie is the Director of Board Development for the American Academy of Pain Management (the Academy), a professional organization that embraces an integrative model of pain care and serves a broad variety of clinicians who treat people with pain. She served as the Academy’s Executive Director from November 2005 through December 2014. Before working at the Academy, she worked as the director of communications and outreach and as the interim director for the American Pain Foundation. Duensing entered the field of pain management through her work as director of outreach for WNET/Thirteen, New York’s PBS station. Duensing also served on the steering committee for The Pain Community during the early years.

Teresa Shaffer: Board Member
Teresa is a seasoned patient advocate, a past member of the Pain Care Leadership Council, The West Virginia Pain Initiative and The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). She served on the steering committee for The Pain Community during the early years. Teresa serves as team leader for online community and social networking teams as well as a regular blogger for the online community. As a person living with pain for the last 20+ years, she understands the challenges that people with pain need to overcome.

Shaffer spent over a year confined to a wheelchair due to severe pain but with the help of her family and healthcare provider she was able to get out of the wheelchair and began life again. At this point in her life she felt she was meant to do more with her new lease on life and when the opportunity to join the former non-profit organization, The American Pain Foundation (APF) PainAid Online community and to become the West Virginia State Advocate for the APF Action Network presented themselves she knew that this was her destiny. By stepping out and telling her story, she strives to empower others to take that first step to being a self-advocate and to advocate for others.

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