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Maintaining Hope Despite the Statistics

This article originally appeared on the MetaCancer Foundation website "The will to live cannot be measured. Many things happen that science cannot explain. They are mysterious. Science may have defined life in terms that are too small." —Rachel Naomi Remen, MD Is it...

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Sharing Your Pain with Family and Friends

by Stephanie Stern, LCSW Communication is so important, but communicating your level of pain is not always an easy thing to do. Pain is invisible and only you know how you’re feeling. Some people are naturally good at expressing their emotions and open to talking...

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Pain: The Importance of Open Communication

by Stephanie Stern, LCSW Pain is such an important topic and one that’s not often talked about enough. Pain is very individual and, in many cases, kept quiet. There are lots of reasons why people do not openly talk about their pain with their healthcare team and/or...

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