The Pain Community proudly announces the launch of “TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls”


Come Join Us! Connect with Others Who Understand!

man holding up the phone receiver isolated on white backgroundDo you feel the need to talk (not type!) and share with others who really understand what it’s like living with chronic pain? If so, The Pain Community invites you to participate in our “TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls,“ which will be held every Tuesday beginning in May. This free, much-needed new service will be open, not only to those of us who live with pain, but also to all whose lives are affected by chronic pain including: caregivers, friends, family, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about living with chronic pain.

Our goal; our hope: TPC recognizes that there is a need for support conference calls particularly for those who are home bound; those who are unable to attend local support groups; and, those who do not have local support groups in their area. It is our hope that these outreach calls will fill a void and give those living with pain a safe, non-judgmental, and caring place to share. And, it will be a place to make new friends.

What to expect: The TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls will be open discussions, so all who attend can have the opportunity to share in the conversation if they wish. Those attending the calls may share as little, or as much, as they feel comfortable doing. Sharing is not mandatory; you can call in and just listen.

How and when to participate in the calls:

Call in number: 712-775-7031 Passcode: 491-268-096 and press the # key.


1st Tuesday: 1:00 pm ET
2nd Tuesday: 7:00 pm ET
3rd Tuesday: 1:00 pm ET
4th Tuesday: 7:00 pm ET
5th Tuesday: 7:00 pm ET

Note: The times are varied to allow those live in different parts of the country to attend.

The TPC Outreach Support Conference calls are FREE, but please check your long distance calling plan to see if any standard long distance rates apply.

TPC Outreach Support Conference Call Schedule for 2018

January 2019

January 1: 1:00 pm ET

January 8: 7:00 pm ET

January 15: 1:00 pm ET

January 22: 7:00 pm ET

January 29: 7:00 pm ET

February 2019

February 5: 1:00 pm ET

February 12: 7:00 pm ET

February 19: 1:00 pm ET

February 26: 7:00 pm ET

March 2019

March 5: 1:00 pm ET

March 12: 7:00 pm ET

March 19: 1:00 pm ET

March 26: 7:00 pm ET

April 2019

April 2: 1:00 pm ET

April 9: 7:00 pm ET

April 16: 1:00 pm ET

April 23: 7:00 pm ET

April 30: 7:00 pm ET

May 2019

May 7: 1:00 pm ET

May 14: 7:00 pm ET

May 21: 1:00 pm ET

May 28: 7:00 pm ET

June 2019

June 4: 1:00 pm ET

June 11: 7:00 pm ET

June 18: 1:00 pm ET

June 25: 7:00 pm ET

July 2019

July 2: 1:00 pm ET

July 9: 7:00 pm ET

July 16: 1:00 pm ET

July 23: 7:00 pm ET

July 30: 7:00 pm ET

August 2019

August 6: 1:00 pm ET

August 13: 7:00 pm ET

August 20: 1:00 pm ET

August 27: 7:00 pm ET

September 2019

September 3: 1:00 pm ET

September 10: 7:00 pm ET

September 17: 1:00 pm ET

September 24: 7:00 pm ET

October 2019

October 1: 1:00 pm ET

October 8: 7:00 pm ET

October 15: 1:00 pm ET

October 22: 7:00 pm ET

October 29: 7:00 pm ET

November 2019

November 5: 1:00 pm ET

November 12: 7:00 pm ET

November 19: 1:00 pm ET

November 26: 7:00 pm ET

December 2019

December 3: 1:00 pm ET

December 10: 7:00 pm ET

December 17: 1:00 pm ET

December 24: NO CALL

December 31: NO CALL

Additional upcoming dates and times will be shared on the TPC website and the TPC Facebook page.

For more information about The Pain Community Outreach Support Conference Calls, please contact us.

The TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls are designed to offer support and not replace the direct relationship between patients and their healthcare providers. The information shared is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you heard on one of the The Pain Community Outreach Support Conference Calls.

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