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      Hi All,

      I am a suffer-er of chronic pain from a car accident, I was rear-ended, I think this is a common occurence unforuntately. The only thing I found really worked that was long lasting was yoga. Id love to know if others have had the same experience or would consider it. It helped me so much I decided to become a yoga instructor, and despite what I thought then, this isnt about how well you can stand on your head. Look forward to hearing your experiences.

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      Hi Alignedpretzelyoga,

      Welcome to the TPC forums. It is great that you have found yoga to be so helpful. Many people living with pain are discovering that yoga and other types of programs are helpful with their pain.

      I always think back to something my grandmother always said when we were children. She use to tell us that if we didn’t go out and play our bodies would become weak. She would say if you don’t use those muscles they won’t be any good when you need them :).

      Take care,

      TPC YaYa
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      I recently started a yoga program and I am finding it helpful. I cannot say that it is decreasing my pain levels yet however it has gotten me out of house and socializing again. I also enjoy doing it and the instructors are fabulous and took the many health issues I have into account and are always watching out that I do not do something that could cause e pain or do any moves that would be harmful to me.


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      Nice to hear about the place of Yoga in curing chronic pain.Keep well

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      Nice post…

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      Yeah, it does help me too!

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      Yes, Yoga does help in getting relief from chronic pain.

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      Yoga is best pain treatment

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      Nice post. I find that yoga practice makes me more aware of how my body moves. When I’m regularly practicing I feel more secure moving about the world and I perceive less pain then when I skip a few days and am stumbling about the world.

      Like Noki4 says, the motivation to get out of the house and socialize with others is a definite plus and likely contributes to less perception of pain.

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