Widespread Chronic Pain Seen in Study of U.S. Military

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      Here is a link to the Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management. It is an excellent model that isn’t widely available in the civilian healthcare systems. Maybe this will be so successful that civilian systems will be clamoring to offer Integrative care as a matter of course.


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      I guess none of this has been implemented as yet at the VA I use as of yet. Wish I was not so skeptical, but to me this is just another feel good, we are doing something for the vets like Veterans Choice. That has been one SNAFU after another and still no sign that they will get Veterans Choice running like they say it will. Reading this now is the first time I have ever heard of the DVCIPM. If I hadn’t read about this in your post FF, who knows when I would have heard of this. That is a systemic problem with the VA!!! 99.99% of the veterans have no idea what is available to them because the VA does not bother or want to educate the veterans as to what is available to them. The different parts of the VA itself do not understand what is what because of the lack of education that the staff receives as to how the programs should work. I found this out during my last go round with Veterans Choice. I knew more about VC than my va clinic did. It leads to a lot of confusion and ultimately frustration for the veterans in these programs when nothing gets done.

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