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    The other day I received a “comment” to the National Pain Report’s story about the Times article of June 15 (haven’t heard of it or saw it, let us know and we will update you). It said “Fibro is a dsm5 diagnosis and it should be. I have never met anyone with it that wasn’t a borderline. I have insufficiency fractures from radiation and I take nothing for pain and go to work limping every day. Suck it up!” My first reaction is outrage and disappointment someone living with pain would say something as uneducated and cruel as this. Then I think, well why say anything as someone this prejudiced wouldn’t listen anyway. Then I think, “if you don’t say anything maybe it confirms what this person is saying for others? Anecdotal “I got addicted when taking pain killers for pain” stories are bad enough-for everyone of those there are at least 100 (likely much much more) of people who didn’t and/or had their lives saved by the use of opioids. A comment like this (false information, making himself a standard, and showing complete lack of respect or compassion for others in pain borders on “hate”. So; how should we respond to comments like this or should we? It certainly is proof (if any was needed) that the general public needs to be educated as well as professionals and media on persistent pain generally and of all types. what would you say?

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    show it for what it is “ignorance”!
    and bemember “judge not lest ye be judged”
    take care of each other

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      Well Said BD. Sometimes silence is the best response. Sometimes people who say hateful things about others, loathe themselves more. How sad for that person.

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    I agree that sometimes we have to just let it go or we find ourselves in a drama filled back and forth conversation that really gets us no-where. Some folks refuse to accept that they can be wrong. There are times that I will try to educate those who show lack of knowledge about pain and how it affects our daily lives. It is one of those things that have to be decided on a case by case basis.

    take care

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