• I’m sorry I’ve been away. I have been after bd to post for me but somehow it never gets done. It’s OK. He does the best he can and always makes sure I have a safe place to live well mostly safe.
    We had a BIG storm last weekend. Rain and thunder showers started on Friday. The wind picked and by Saturday had pushed a lot of water into the bayou. It…[Read more]

  • The last few days have been warm. When the cold and snow went across the country last week our temps went down to 28 overnight. Ms. Kitty and I stayed below for three days. Now the nights are in the mid 50’s and day time temps are in the 70’s. There has been some turn-over of the boats here. For now there is one less live aboard. The boat next to…[Read more]

  • Welcome Fortunateone
    My pain journey started in the late 70’s. A lot of the docs I saw originally are retired or dead. hospitals have closed. Keep track of all your own records visit by visit.
    One of the most frustrating parts of the pain journey is the lack of doctors. There are some horrible docs out there. There are also a lot that are…[Read more]

  • Barb
    I agree. I wish doctors would believe us. I once had a doc tell me I couldn’t be in the pain I described. His reasoning? if I were I would be on pain meds and since I wasn’t I couldn’t hurt that bad. Needless to say it was my first and only visit to that doc.
    take care of each other and have a gentle day
    quack quack

  • Don’t tell bd but I’ve secretly made friends with the neighbor’s cats. I follow Sampson ashore though he still gets ahead of me and I lose track of him. His sister Delilah is a goof. She doesn’t see well and is more cautious. She comes to see bd for short visits. Scorch comes and plunks himself down to visit. We’re not buddies but we don’t fight.…[Read more]

  • Drifting
    I spend much if my time “drifting”. With no control over what my body will allow me to do at any given time I’ve fallen into a pattern of drifting through the day. I get up in the morning and deal with what’s in front of me. Ms. Kitty gets fed first. She wouldn’t let me forget that for long. Then it’s updating my logbook with the daily…[Read more]

  • I’ve been caught! exposed!!
    My son has finished reading my handwritten daily log books for my first year aboard. I gave them to him for safe keeping. I knew he would and am glad he is reading them. He sad that he could see the waves of pain and muscle spasms in the word by word changes in my handwriting. There are a lot more indicators of what…[Read more]

  • You’re right YaYa.
    Long ago I learned the smile and stock safe responses. I don’t care what others think. In this case it was even a concern from what he heard in my voice so it was not a casual question. And yes he got a safe stock answer.
    I think the take away truth is I’m less healthy than I was when he saw me a few months ago. I’m not ever…[Read more]

  • First my qualifications on this topic. I’m an idiot and have no idea what I’m talking about. I may be a raving lunatic so it’s up to you to decide. Also I have no short term memory. Did I mention I have problems with memory?
    Most of us have heard the term “biofeedback” and maybe thought “OK maybe there’s something to it but no way for me…[Read more]

  • The weather has shifted. “Cold” has come to Florida. My muscles are tight and everything hurts. After a week and a half I realized that my congestion and cough is just my body’s response to the cold. They will fade away over the next month or so as long as I stay “healthy”. I was worn down to start with and the difficulty breathing has sapped…[Read more]

  • It’s official. Bd has lost it!
    He told me the other day that I had to be careful, tat there were birds that would eat me if they got a chance. Everybody knows that CATS eat birds! It’s not the other way around. Facts are facts. Cats eat birds. Now some birds eat worms and some eat fish but still cats eat birds. Still bd insists that the birds…[Read more]

  • CATS!!!
    they’re everywhere!
    Bd has been taking care of the neighbors cats while they were away. I tried to register my complaints by peeing in their litterbox. Now even though their humans are back the cats think they can just come aboard the Lonoh any time they want. There are to many of them and they are everywhere! They’ve even started…[Read more]

  • We have Wi-Fi on the dock now.
    My son came and spent a week. That seems like a lifetime ago. awe had a great time. Unfortunately I did not listen to my body when it told me to slow down. I managed to keep it up until I got up to walk Caleb to his car to leave. My back muscles locked up. I went into a full myofascial pain flair. For the next…[Read more]

  • written 9-6-16
    The hurricane has passed. A category 1 storm hit east of here Thursday night. The four boats in our family worked well as a team.
    recovering in the cockpit yesterday I was reminded of bits and pieces that let several puzzle pieces fit together.
    First from Dr. Ireland:
    “Listen to your body. You know it better…[Read more]

  • The last few months have been hard on me. I’ve been trying to catch up and wrap my mind around the changes I see happening in my body. I have meant to share more of the journey with you. It has gotten harder to access the internet at the moment. I do think of all of you here and hope you have gentle days.
    One thing I do know is all things…[Read more]

  • It’s been a long week. The hurricane passed to the east of us. That left us on the safe side. The winds were from the north and sucked the water out of the bayou rather than the big storm surge on the eastern side. My family on the dock had already talked about storms. Wednesday we went over basic plans and started doubling up on dock lines.…[Read more]

  • welcome mdmc
    It’s great to see you here. Honest that’s nicer than it sounds. I deal with a laundry list of bad things so I’m not here as often as I’d like to be. I’ll try and stop back to check on you or hopefully see you in one of the chat sessions. I also have a few threads on the forums that will give you an I idea of what craziness I’m up…[Read more]

  • I have not been as active as I want. It is getting harder for me to get about. The good news is that I hope internet access will get easier soon. I so want to share more of this journey and things are changing faster than I can plan for.
    Ms. Kitty is doing fine, There have been changes on the dock some for the good and some were hard…[Read more]

  • Grrr
    I lost track of time this morning. That’s not a bad thing because it meant that I was successfully distracted. However it meant that by the time I got on-line chat was over.
    Yesterday I received a picture of the “Russell penguin pin” that I had carved. It is now cast in sterling silver and the enameling is done and the stones set.
    Ms.…[Read more]

  • Just a quick update. Yesterday we had RAIN and lots of it. Fortunately there was not a lot of wind. There is a tidal surge that has the water lapping the dock at high tide. That leaves the deck of the Lonoh at the level of my hip. It makes for a climb to get back aboard.
    I have not anchored out yet. Instead I’ve bought an air…[Read more]

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