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      Natalie hudgins

      I have a NEED to understand what gives the medical community the right to treat anyone with disrespect? When chronic pain has been someone’s day to day norm, it’s very hard to stand by and allow others to treat you like you’re an addict. If someone has no past with addiction, no records in the courts, never failed a drug test, never has lost rights like driving because of drugs, it’s not rocket science to come to the conclusion they could be in PAIN! These kind of people need to be exempt from the suspicion of the medical community. Our Doctors should be able to, with intellect, discern those who have a need, versus those without. Not EVERY Doctor is a drug dealer, not every patient is seeking to be drugged. This atmosphere, when you TRY to have a life with chronic pain, is out of control. I just need HELP 🤕

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      You wrote what I think every pain patient has repeated over and over again. There needs to be a way that we change the stigma against patients. We have been lumped in with those fighting addiction and like you said we are addicts, we only want to live as best we can.

      I don’t have the answers, I keep advocating to those that will listen and educate them that we as patients and those who are addicted are two totally different groups and should never, ever be lumped together.

      My best to you,


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