Natalie hudgins

  • Thank you. I too see the wear on my mate. Your story helps me understand his inside pain, everyone knows about mine, but sometimes they miss his pain for me, his courage, his strength, and his great love.

  • I find today, for myself more Doctors adhere to these ‘ Rules ‘ than most people will admit. When it comes to pain I find few doctors think for themselves and few treat per patient, It is a biased way to tre […]

  • Hi,
    My name is Natalie I have Psoriatic Arthritis and neuropathy just about everywhere. I’m trying to be more positive but it’s hard. I had neck surgery last year but doesn’t seem to help. I go to pain management but is very discouraging, they don’t treat me like a patient and I don’t like that. I’m in pain most of the day, I miss my old life. W…[Read more]

  • I have a NEED to understand what gives the medical community the right to treat anyone with disrespect? When chronic pain has been someone’s day to day norm, it’s very hard to stand by and allow others to treat you like you’re an addict. If someone has no past with addiction, no records in the courts, never failed a drug test, never has lost right…[Read more]

  • Hi, This is my first time here, Im here bc Im losing it over all the new laws. My pain is bc of idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, in both legs and arms, carpal tunnel in wrists. Some other issues also, it scares me to think I won’t be able to get pain meds?! My specialist has never said anything but it makes me crazy to see all of this when no o…[Read more]

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    • Hi Natalie
      I agree with you that the medical community has lost all sense of compassion and reality of what patients are going through. It infuriates me to think there is a bunch of people who don’t know me or anyone else and is making decisions about my level of pain. It’s barbaric, irresponsible, and incompetent to treat patients this way. My…[Read more]