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      I am new to this site, and I am older in this world, so bear with me when I try to communicate well through this mindware and computernet. I am a retired Juvenile Corrections Specialist, Eagle Scout and wannabe a writer. I was in a mc accident in 1969, a bad one. I was hit by a car in 1988 and spent 21/2 months in rehab hospital for that. Where to begin: I was titrated 16 years ago by a European doctor to 1,000 (one thousand) mgs. of morphine a day. He went back to Europe. I went to my GP, a good doctor, and a good man. I continued on that regimen. My GP was fooled by a trained, police, professional liar, who was illegally procuring opioid medication. My GP is a kind, compassionate man, who does not want to see anyone in pain, of course. They arrested him. I went through withdrawal cold from 1k a day of morphine. I had more than one medical professional tell me I would “be uncomfortable for a few days.” I was near death for two weeks, and very sick for two months. I am now being treated at a clinic where everyone from secretaries to doctors are terrified of the DEA. The newest battle in Nixons’ utterly corrupt and failed, never to be won drug war, is prescription pain medication. More people die from NSAIDS, OTC pain medications such as aspirin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, and prescription NSAIDS, than die from opioid pain medication. 75,000 people die each year from HAI, Hospital Acquired Infection. 29,001 people died from drunk driving in the last year of stats. The figure for people who die while taking opioid pain medication (opium being the substance Jesus was given on the cross) apparently includes 9,000+ persons who died from unspecified prescription medication. Apparently, those numbers are added to the list. Everyone has different stats, and even CDC does not really know. But, it is clear that this newest battle of Nixons drug war, is political, bogus, and gives the control/police entities their newest weapon of terror. The DEA is perturbed that Colorado has legalized marijuana, and has crawled into this state to terrorize everyone from pharmacists, to doctors. The DEA is now practicing medicine. “They” are so gangsterish, they refuse to follow their own Administrative Law Judge, who has the legal authority and mandate to schedule all “drugs.” Our bodies were never meant to go as fast as we can now in this age, and a bicycle accident can manifest the damage decades later, never mind all of the other types of injuries many people have sustained, from motor vehicle accidents to arthritis, you name it. While the medical field is working on such pain medications as mambaglins, and many others, the flower Jesus took is by far and away the most efficacious. Society has been thoroughly brain controlled as to believe that one of Gods’ flowers is pernicious, even giving a name to it “narcotics.” I have never taken a narcotic in my life. Do not be shamed by the police mind personality who has also bought into such a view, and is using such as the newest weapon of terror in Nixons’ drug war. But, I go on, and will stop here. I look forward. “Pain is a worse scourge unto mankind than death itself.” Albert Schweitzer
      Hang in there, friends; believe me when I tell you, I know what pain is, and well, I know…I know.
      Get a tee shirt that says”I’m innocent, You’re Not” and wear it to the doctors’ office.
      Looking forward

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      And, I gotta say, FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE THOUSAND people die each year from psychiatric medication in Europe and America, alone. Heroin is ever cheaper and more plentiful now in America. Hmmm…who benefits from suppression of opioid pain medication. The president of Bolivia, Mr. Morales, kicked the DEA out of his country, calling them a cartel.

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      Hi William,

      I shared a post to you and two others on the Welcome page but I wanted to share here with you also.
      I want to welcome you and share with you that the support I have gotten here at The Pain Community is wonderful. The discussion boards are not real active right now but their Facebook page is, here is the link;
      Also they have hosted live chats on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 11am ET and on Thursday nights at 7:30pm ET.
      They also have these wonderful phone support calls. The calls are 4 times a month always on Tuesday and the time varies every other week. The next call is on Tuesday, August 16th at 1:00pm. You do not have to register and there is no charge to join the calls and the calls are open discussion so everyone gets to share if they like. The call in info is,
      Call in number: 712-775-7031 Passcode: 491-268-096 and press the # key. I love these calls, so much support and they are also fun. The folks who call in are so helpful and supportive and it feels more like old friends chatting on the phone. I do hope you will give the calls and chats a try.
      This link tells you more about the calls.
      Take care,

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