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    For some, meditation is spiritual. For others it is a tool to bring focus.

    I find that meditation gives me a chance to slow down and clear my mind. Afterwards I’m able to appreciate the connections I have to other people, nature and the world. I think of it as a spiritual connection because it is an intangible that I believe really exists.

    Do you meditate? Do you pray? Someone recently told me that meditation and prayer are the same thing so I’ve been thinking more about the similarities and differenced between the two practices for me. For me I think they are different. Meditation clears the path. Prayer for me is like a compass for the journey.

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    I really enjoyed the first webinar in the Healing Art Program and found the exercise of coloring the manual to be very meditative.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I have tried meditation and confess I am not good at it. Difficult to clear my mind. Need more practice.
    Prayer is my comfort.

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    txgal1960, I also have a hard time with meditation. My mind never seems to allow me to slow down long enough to grasp the good that meditation can be. I have had good results using things as a distraction and mentally healing for my pain. I am enjoying the Healing Arts Experience that The Pain Community has launched.


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    Meditation is one of the best methods of being healthy and happy. I always try to follow the rules of meditation.

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    Harry King

    It is good for mental health

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    Georgina Wagner

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Maggie Buckley

    Meditation comes in many shapes and sizes. Some forms of meditation that are not labeled as traditional “meditation” like prayer, singing, writing, or just being present in a moment. Like that moment of looking into the eyes of a beloved pet as you stroke them gently and feel a solid connection of just the two of you for that moment in time.

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