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      One step at a time, I’ve been able to keep my Fibro Fatigue at bay. I try to walk for an hour each day. At first it was a couple of minutes and now (years later) I’ve built up to an hour which just amazes me. I remember lying in bed for days and thinking I’d never walk again. The exercise keeps depression tamped down and has helped me lose a few pounds also.

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      I do not have fibro but I see the same types of fatigue with the different pain issues I do have. The fatigue and fog can be over-whelming at times if I do not move enough.

      I have found it is huge benefit to make sure I get up and move around, be it taking a walk in the summer or in the winter walking around inside my house for a set period of time, long enough to get my heart rate up so it lets my body know that I am getting exercise.

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      What are your secret weapons that help you keep your fibro pain at bay?

      Help us, help each other. Like Maggie and Noki4, share your experience and your wisdom. Please comment with your “tips from the trenches”.

      In turn, we will create a tip sheet for all to benefit after the Friday, August 23, 2013 deadline and just in time for Pain Awareness Month.

      If you like this opportunity, we can expand this effort to other pain conditions, so list your topic ideas too. Take a step further? Like this on our FB page: and share that post with your friends.

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      I find distraction to be a big part of dealing with my pain. I get my mind on something else, like crafting, sewing, painting, scrap booking and so on. I find that I enjoy doing these things so I am able to push the pain back as I refuse to let it prevent me from moving forward.

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      I also find the same distractions to help me deal with the pain. I also keep telling myself that “I cannot let this pain get the best of me, I have to keep moving forward”. It wasn’t so long ago I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed crying with the pain or sleeping because of the pain medication I was on, but with the help of my wonderful primary care physician I am able to enjoy the things I love to do like taking pictures, making home movies with my camcorder then sharing them with my family and friends. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I also like to create my own t-shirts, anything to keep my mind off the pain.

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      I’ve personally found writing six word memoirs on and arts and crafts such as designing book marks, adult coloring pages, and making dream catchers today and yesterday to be a true distraction to intense pain. Hard to believe it really works and it does. More power to distraction as a useful coping tool.

      Keep sharing ideas. I too have made my own t-shirts and get a real kick out of them. One says: “Pain has some nerve irritating me.” I personally find this hilarious and it is one of my favorite shirts.


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        I would love to see photos of your dreamcatchers. I just love them!

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      I love your quote “Pain has some nerve irritating me.”

      Keep smiling,

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      Walking and distraction are great for lots of chronic health conditions. Just stumbled upon this thread and love Dreamcatcher’s Six Word Memoir idea.

      Also love, love, love that quote.

      Let’s keep moving forward and help each other along the way.

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