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      When I first found out why I had back pain, this thing called degenerative joint disease in my early 20’s, I never dreamed that it would go from that to more issues. It seems once you start down the road of getting a diagnosis that they just keep coming, one after another, after another. When does it stop?

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      I empathize with you completely. When I had my back surgery in 2006 they diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease specifically L5 S1 and since then S4 and S3 are gone the Dr’s want me to have more surgery but in light of the failure of the first surgery I am opting out. A more pressing matter is that of my right hip where the socket is rotted out due to AVN a condition which makes my life a living hell. Sorry such a strong description but I’m sure you understand how feel. On a good day my pain level is a six but most days it hovers at a 9 or 10.

      The hassles with Dr’s and pain medication make it worse. I am completely frustrated with all of it. I don’t mean to be a downer but I just found this site and your post has elicited a need to vent sorry. Hang in there we will find a way through this.

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      Hi Dana702,

      You never have to apologize for needing to vent. I have been there many times myself. Being on a journey of pain is frustrating, depressing and a whole list of things. When you add in the fight that many have just to be able to have some quality of life, it is mind-numbing.

      On what I call a good day or typical day, my pain level ranges in the 6-7-8 levels due to the lack of disc’s in my back and neck. A bad day is, 9-10. I had to develop a high tolerance for the pain because when it started I had three children all under the age of 8 years old that I needed to take care of. In a way it is good that I can handle higher pain levels but in other ways not so good because some doctors tend to not believe me when I tell that I have a high tolerance and explain why.

      You are right, we will find a way through this journey of pain and having friends who understand can make all the difference. Having the forums here to talk with one another helps so much. I look forward to having many discussions with you here.

      Take care,

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      Hello Noki4 and Dana702,

      I would like to echo Noki4 when she said no apologies ever needed for venting. TPC forums are here for exactly that reason, we want our members to feel comfortable, safe and secure.
      TPC is where you can be yourselves and share with others the struggles of living with daily pain.
      We know that sometimes it can be hard to share with family and friends because unless you live with pain it can be hard to understand fully how it affects every aspect of one’s lives.
      Here on the forums and in the live hosted chats you do not have to worry about that. We all know and understand a life of pain and together we offer each other support, compassion and friendship.

      See you around on the forums and chats,


      TPC Community Moderator
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      no need to apologize. We all need to vent and sometimes it comes out when we least expect it. Hope all is well.

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      Just think of “venting” as part of your “pain plan”. Stress is not the friend of someone living with persistent pain no matter the cause. Yet pain in itself causes stress and certainly our activities of daily living contributes as well. Being able to talk about our pain and frustrations surrounding it allows us to “di-stress” a bit. Noki4 mentioned having young children to care for ; I have grandchildren who live with us about 70% of the time (we nearly always have one and some days have all three) and one day my son said the 10 year old would be here on our one Saturday kid free (we have all three every other Saturday). I had a bit of a meltdown-I love her dearly however I look forward to our “kid free” days. I can’t imagine how Noki4 manages being a full time mom; I am in awe. So see I just vented as well and yes it feels better, so please vent away; it is one of the reasons we are here.

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