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      I’ve never thought that it can happen to me, that I will have chronic pain. Last year I got this pain the first time. It happened suddenly. I began to notice that it is difficult for me to keep something in my hands, even to open a bottle of water become hard work for me. In the morning I couldn’t move my fingers and even keeping a cup of tea made me feel the pain. I thought that it isn’t permanent and soon will pass. But the pain became more. I’m taking pills now and this reduces my pain a little. The first time I’m looking for supporting a pain community. I’m only 30 years old and it’s a shame for me to say that I have arthritic hands.

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      Try not to think of it as a “shame” to have arthritic hands… I got arthritis in my left leg at 26, it happens, and we are all different! Take your time, try not to get frustrated and know that you are not alone! https://www.arthritis.org/ is a nice resource for us. There are so many subtle things you can do, aside from pills, to help with the pain. I was on about 19 pills a day when I finally had enough; it is hard work and some days seems impossible, but reducing that dependence early was important for me as I could see it becoming a problem. I too just recently joined to talk more about my own issues and help others where I could.

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      thank you for your support and warm words. I know that many people live with arthritis and it is good to know that you are not alone. I just need to get used to living with this. And thanks for the site, it’s a good source with a lot of information I was looking for.

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      Hi TightHope & D,

      It is nice to meet you. I have lived with arthritis for over 25 years. It started in my early 20’s. The best thing I found for me was to educate myself about the medical treatments that could offer me pain relief and ways to live with arthritis. It stinks to have it come on us in our younger years.

      I look forward to sharing our journeys with each other.

      My best to you and know you are never alone πŸ™‚


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      Hello TightHope and D,

      Welcome to The Pain Community (TPC). We are happy you found us but sure do wish we were meeting under different circumstances.

      We have lots of resources here on the website and we offer different ways to meet and talk to others. We have hosted chats here on the website on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 11am ET, in the group chat room.

      We also have support phone calls every Tuesday, it is a great way to talk to others in real time. There is no registration required and you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable doing so. Our next support call is on,
      Tuesday May 21st at 1:00pm ET, 12:00pm CT, 11:00am MT and 10:00am PT.
      Call in number: 712-775-7031 Passcode: 491-268-096 and press the # key.

      You can read more about it, https://paincommunity.org/tpc-outreach-support-conference-
      We hope you will give the support calls a try, it helps to know we are not alone on this journey with pain.

      Take care,

      TPC YaYa
      TPC Community Moderator

      β€œThe views or opinion(s) contained herein do not necessarily represent those of The Pain Community.”

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      Welcome to the forum dear.

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