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    Try not to think of it as a “shame” to have arthritic hands… I got arthritis in my left leg at 26, it happens, and we are all different! Take your time, try not to get frustrated and know that you are not alone! https://www.arthritis.org/ is a nice resource for us. There are so many subtle things you can do, aside from pills, to help with the…[Read more]

  • If it is remotely possible you were bitten by a tick, you should look into Lyme Disease as well. The documentary “Under our Skin” has me second guessing the many diagnosis results I have been offered for 10 years… I have had countless bad doctors (one told me tylenol when it turned out I had 6 herniations) and still no answers. But I will share…[Read more]

  • I have found relief going to a chiropractor. I specifically looked for one who used ART and Graston techniques… These are not as jarring treatments as the snapping treatments you think of in chiro. Be careful with it, listen to your body and communicate with your doctor. Let them know everything about the injury so they can approach in the…[Read more]

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