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      Hey, I used to participate in snowboarding in all seasons. Last week while I’m practicing the snowboarding doing jumps I got injured by a bad fall, and it twisted my back causing strain. I still feel the strain on my back and am having a sore back. I have tried heat pads, stretching, exercising, etc. But nothing worked at all. What should I do now?
      I think I can’t do it on this season due to this back pain. So, I decided to stay away from this season and give myself a long period for my back to heal. Few of my friends suggested going for chiropractic treatment near Burlington to get this cured. And few others recommended doing stretches or exercise may help to fix this. So I’m in confusion about what should be done? Should I consult a chiropractor? Will that helps to cure faster? Please share your thoughts on it.

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      I have found relief going to a chiropractor. I specifically looked for one who used ART and Graston techniques… These are not as jarring treatments as the snapping treatments you think of in chiro. Be careful with it, listen to your body and communicate with your doctor. Let them know everything about the injury so they can approach in the safest way. In addition to chiro, you will want to do some strength and stretching work per their instructions to get the full benefits. You didn’t mention ice, I like to mix up ice/heat as ice helps reduce swelling where heat relaxes the muscles.

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