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      Some years ago I read an article on non-pharmaceutical interventions for persistent pain. The doctor how wrote mentioned “distraction” but said you shouldn’t use television as it really doesn’t work very well. Obviously he didn’t believe in what may not work for one may work for another. I have a rest period in the afternoon everyday (Grandma’s quiet time) and always watch television. Some days it is shows I have taped (I go to bed staring at 8:30 so watching anything “live” doesn’t work. I may watch a favorite movie. Sometimes it is favorite shows I can stream or I own. I primarily like science fiction & fantasy and disaster stuff but there are a few dramas in there as well (and one horror). The think is I watch what I like and it does offer a distraction. I eat lunch during that time and sometimes work on my cookbooks as well. I just finished rewatching Stargate Universe and will start on Netflix’s Dare Devil.
      Yes I love to read as well although I don’t do it much during my “quiet time.” I manage to get it in at other times (just finished rereading the Harry Potter series-we had watch all the movies recently with oldest granddaughter-so now I am going through “Potter” withdrawal).
      Any fellow Nerds out there?
      Anyone else have some favorites (or dirty little secrets)?
      Anyone use other means of distraction ( we heard from Gaming).
      I think the secret to distraction is it needs to be something you really enjoy and also not something you find irritating (as that will just aggravate your pain-negative stress).

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      Hi Janice,

      I have used distraction for years. I change it up so I don’t get bored with one thing and that allows me to go back to it at some point. I use sewing, knitting, painting ceramics, putting the big 1000 piece puzzles together and scrapbooking.

      I am a big believer that distraction works. I totally agree that you have to find something that you like to do, be it watching television or reading or scrapbooking.
      There are lots of things that one can find to do that are inexpensive and allows you to step back from the pain even if it is for 30 minutes.

      Take care

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      Distraction is my favorite pain coping technique. I too use TV in that category for and it is stuff I’ve recorded or access through a streaming option like NetFlix. My big challenge this week is to refrain from binge watching Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. To avoid getting hypnotized by the box, I try to limit my watching to lunchtime, meal prep and clean-up times.

      I also enjoy playing games on my phone and reading books on my nook. There are times though, when the weather is ideal, that simply sitting in a comfy chair under a tree in the garden watching the birds is more than enough distraction.

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