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      Do we have any computer gamer’s on the forums?

      I have found that I am able to distract myself from stress and pain when playing computer games. Once you find yourself so immersed within the game your brain is no longer focused on the pain or stress.
      You have taken that focus away from the pain and now you are in control of your ability to concentrate on the game play. You have distracted the pain and/or stress and that is a wonderful thing.

      There are many different games to play on the computer. Here are examples of the 5 most popular types of computer games.

      First person shooters – these types of games give you the unique experience that enables you to simulate as if you are the one in the battle.
      Strategy games – these take patience, planning and caution as you calculate your moves.
      Multi-player games – you join folks from all over the world to play the same game, as a team or against each other.
      Racing games – these games enable you to feel as if you are the racing driver and your mission is to win the race while driving at high speeds and trying to make turns perfectly without hitting the wall or being thrown off the track.
      Third-person shooters – these games enable you to be like a puppet master allowing you to control your player, you are moving him, making him fight, shoot, jump, run and climb in order to continue on your mission.

      There are games that you can play on Facebook like, Farmville, Candy Crush, Diamond Dash and Bejeweled to just name a few.
      The game, Words with Friends, can be played by just about everyone who has a smartphone or computer.

      It doesn’t matter what kind of computer game you play. The key is that you have fun…. lots of fun!

      Take care,


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      Hi Pipboy,

      I also use distraction to help me deal with my pain. It is exactly as you said, you are able to take the focus off of the pain. You can then enjoy whatever distraction method you are using like, computer games, facebook games, painting, knitting and the list goes on and on.

      Thank you for sharing with us. I hope that others will join the discussion and share what types of things they use for distraction.


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      Dionetta Hudzinski

      Hi, Pipboy and Noki4, I love to play bubble witch and crush mania and jewel Mania. I can mindlessly play and distract myself on a day or evening I am having increased pain. I have a tablet or use my phone to access them so it does not take much effort and I do not need to sit in front of my computer. I am not skilled enough to play some of the games you mentioned. but the ones I do play keep me occupied for quite a while. I also like to play solitaire and other card games. again I sort of like the mindlessness of these games. I can zone out playing them and forget the pain for a time.

      Other times I just get on the internet and spend time on facebook which connects me with positive thoughts (I avoid the negative talk and images) I have several sites that I go to for information or just a pick me up. I can keep connected to family members across the US.

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      Wel you will be happy to hear I like the Fallout series (played FO1&2 as well as Bethesda’s ones), I like CRPGS like Elder Scrolls, Sandbox games like Second life and Minecraft, puzzle games like Portal 1&2, FPS like Half Life Series, and the occasional mindless match-3 game or bubble shooter. I also like classic games like Commander Keen and those.

      Here is an interesting article about it, did you know there is a game specifically designed for dealing with pain? It’s called “Snow World” or something, it’s kind of FPS based bt you throw snowballs and it is nonviolent.

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      I find myself playing computer card or board games to relax during a work break or at the end of the work day. Later, I like to play Angry Birds, Diamond Digger, Farm Heroes, Candy Crush and Bubble Witch while settling down by the TV. I tend to game for strategy and independently or with computer generated opponents. I used to play online with others but find myself impatient with slow pokes or when others become distracted from the game. This weekend, I had to sit with a heating pad to my back and try to stay still for a while. The gaming helped distract me from the discomfort and kept me quiet.

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      I also find computer games to be a pleasant distraction from pain. I am into Neverwinter Online and Legendary Monsters via facebook. With Neverwinter a MMORPG ( Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game ). In these games, you create a player charactor ( or toon ) and enter into a different world. Whether you enjoy fantasy or stepping into the future, there are games out there for everyone. Cya, Legendary Monters is calling me!

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      I used to play WoW quite a bit, especially when I was having a bad pain day. I found it to be pretty helpful and it’s nice to be able to talk to people (even if it’s random strangers on the internet) because sometimes sitting in your room alone gets pretty lonely. Unfortunately I had to give it up because of time/money restraints with school, but lately I have been shooting my compound bow more and I find it extremely relaxing and it’s a great way to de-stress. 🙂

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      Hi Lizzben,

      My 8 year old grandson kept wanting me to play Minecraft on the iPad/iPhone. Before long I found myself sitting in the evenings working on increasing our little town. It is only he and I in this world so no worry about anything being destroyed. 🙂

      He looks forward to coming to my house after school each day to see what new buildings or structures I have added to our world. I enjoy the game as much as he does and it is something that he and I are doing together.

      ** He also plays Minecraft with his Dad and he has talked his Dad in to not blowing things up so they too can build a huge world. 🙂


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      I play my Facebook games and ps4 keeps my mind off my pain

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      Ii is so wonderful that so many of us who live with pain have found that playing games on our computers, smart phones, tablets or gaming systems helps distract us. We can leave the pain in the real world while we escape into a world of play & fun.

      Keep gaming!

      TPC YaYa

      TPC Community Moderator
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      The games are a great tool to have in our pain toolbox to help us distract from the pain. You can find really fun games for free in the app stores on smart phones and tablets.
      Since my grandson got me hooked on playing Minecraft Pocket Edition with him I have even started my own little world.
      The building and creating takes my mind off the stresses of the day and the pain.

      Happy Gaming!

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