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      Hi I’m Krystina,
      I’ve been suffering from back pain that shoots all the way up to my neck, along with pain down my legs and arms. I’ve been off of work now for 2 weeks and I honestly don’t know when I’ll be back. I’m due for an MRI this Thursday to put a name for what I’m going through. My funds are running low, I’m not getting any better. Frankly I’m at a loss right now. I can’t Stand, Walk, Sit or lay flat in bed. I’m on pain medication, but that’s just bandaid for now. So I guess the MRI results will tell me where my life is going to go from this point on….As dramatic as that sounds.

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      You hang there!…I know you pain because I have one major back surgery already with lots of post surgical issues.

      Let me know of your test results….I have been through all these tests from A to Z.

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      I tried CBD OIL and did not notice anything on pain changes from my surgical back. I have 2 nine rods with 11 screws in lower back.

      I know it helps some people for all diff ailments…..and meds effect us all differently. I have to take pain meds for quality of life my pain gets so very bad and surgeon said not a candidate for a 2nd back surgery.

      So, it is something I live with….without out my pain meds I would not have ANY quality of life at all. I do not like taking them, yet I know better than not to.

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      Talk to your local doctor to see if you’re fit to take CBD oil. My friend uses CBD oil to treat his chronic pain, and it’s working well for him with little to no side effects. If you don’t know how to use it properly, this may help

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