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  • Before being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders and conditions, explaining my pain levels to a healthcare provider was easy. If I had a sprained wrist or a broken bone, they could see the injury. Using […]

  • Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for the comment on my blog. I do understand exactly how you feel. In the push to stop the senseless deaths from illicit and illegal street drugs/opioids, people with pain has become a […]

  • Teresa Shaffer wrote a new post 6 years ago

    When did it become acceptable to treat people with chronic illness and pain as if they did something to deserve what is happening to their lives?

    When did it become acceptable for healthcare providers to […]

  • Hello Carrie74,

    I understand completely what you are saying. It is very hard for someone who does not live with pain to understand the daily struggles that we have. The grief we go though for the life we once […]

  • Hello William,

    Thank you for reading my blog and for your insights. We the people living with pain must come together to make change. Yet so many are afraid to speak up out of fear of losing the pain care they […]

  • Hi Dee,
    I left you a message on the other blog that you visited it is called, “In Search of Someone Like Me: Finding Online Pain Support, published on November 25, 2014.

    I hope you see both of the messages and […]

  • Hi Dee,

    It is nice to meet you. I wish it was under better circumstances. I did read your story on one of the other blogs that I wrote. It is titled, “You are so much more than your pain” and it was published […]

  • I recently had the pleasure to be on a telephone support call for people with pain. Since I also live with pain I know how it helps to talk directly to others who truly understand what a day is like in the life of […]

  • Part 1

    Responses to What’s Your Pain IQ, revealed a gem; over a quarter missed which healthcare providers treated pain. It is often confusing about who could, should and does treat pain. In order to provide c […]

  • Hi Janice,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I do hope that this blog helps other grandparents to know that they are not alone on this journey. School is out for the summer next week and I will have my grandson […]

  • Teresa Shaffer wrote a new post 9 years ago

    (Written with Teresa’s grandson)

    Many of us have had to deal with the fact that we live with pain. We’ve had to accept that our pain has stolen from us: our energy levels, our careers and sometimes family and […]

  • Pbradd01,

    Thank you, with the abuse of prescription medications in the news just about everyday it is straining and even preventing trusting relationships from being formed between pain patients and healthcare […]

  • Teresa Shaffer wrote a new post 9 years ago

    ThumbnailI have lived with pain for half of my lifetime and I will live with pain until I die. Living with pain due to an illness, disease or syndrome and utilizing pain medications as a part of my pain treatment does not […]

  • ThumbnailOk, we all know what a life with pain is like. We hurt, we have stiffness, we have aches and we go about our days dealing the best we can….until the dreaded winter cold and flu season hits. Oh boy, look out! You […]

  • ThumbnailMany years ago I went moseying around the internet to search out others who lived with daily pain. I wanted a support system to help me – I was looking for a support group. There were no local ones in my area or […]

    • Thank you for sharing so well , I will check the other out!!

    • Wow! There are so many options out there for connecting with people. I can’t seem to type fast enough to keep up with the online chats. I do like to lurk and read though because it makes me feel a little bit more connected to folks. The discussion forums and archived blogs have been a diamond mine of coping tips and treatment options. I love to read other people’s experiences or thoughts on pain stuff. Thank you for sharing so well about the benefits of connecting.

  • ThumbnailHere is what I am thinking. When living with pain how do we live in the day? How can we find the strength to face each day with a smile? How do we make sure we are moving forward each day?

    These are all […]

  • ThumbnailRecently I read an article titled, “Drug-Test Physicians? Docs Say ‘No Way”. I was lost for words.  I could do nothing but sit and shake my head. Then, I wanted to scream so loud that all the physicians who were […]

    • I’m singing Teresa can you hear me?
      Great Blog! You nailed it! Fair is fair – no matter who or what group you talk about. I can not believe their excuses for not being drug tested. Nurses are randomly tested all the time. Tested on new employment, tested randomly, tested if there is cause to suspect a problem.

      I get the reports for MQAC (Medical Quality Assurance Commission of WA State) Each time I get a report there is at least one if not more physicians being sanctioned due to diversion of controlled substances, opioid Abuse, or alcohol abuse that has impaired their ability to practice medicine safely. By the way that report comes monthly. The numbers are staggering to me. So glad that they got caught and are now being helped and monitored carefully through a state sponsored program for rehab of professionals with substance abuse issues. They remain in practice as long as they comply with the stipulations in their plan from the commission. It is so easy for them to access controlled medications.
      I also see Nurses who divert and abuse drugs meant for their patients. this is a sad commentary on the compassion and caring that is inherent in nursing. It hurts me heart to see or that this occurring among my colleagues in Nursing.
      Personally as a nurse I would submit to a random drug screen is requested by my employer. I have nothing to hide and of course right now it would be positive as I take an opioid medication daily for my pain. So we would have to have a discussion of why and how. Many hospitals and clinics have a policy of random drug testing. (in 48 years of nursing truthfully I have never been randomly tested even though it is a policy to do so. I guess my number never gets picked – no one wonder I never win the lottery) I have been asked to submit to drug screening for new employment (at least once) and I always complied with this request.

      As a pain patient, I have already told my prescribing primary Physician that I will always be honest and transparent with him about the medications he prescribes to me – I will bring in my prescription bottles if he wants to do a pill count BUT I will not submit to random drug testing UNLESS he can show me that every other person coming to that clinic is randomly drug tested on a regular basis I.E. show me the proof.

      Teresa your Blog just points out once more that we as People in Pain are held to higher standard. Thank you for taking the time to pull this article apart and call it what it is – unfair discrimination and labeling.

  • ThumbnailThis is the final entry of a three part series (part one | part two) that I have written regarding the stigma that we as people living pain face daily. I have lived with pain for nearly half of my lifetime. I […]

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