By Dionetta Hudzinski & Teresa Shaffer

atticThe Clutter Shuffle:

Is your idea for cleaning house: Putting things in less obvious places like under the bed, or in the closet? This might work for a little while but soon you end up with no more “less obvious places” to put things.  I know I have been there.  One day I began to look around my little apartment and I soon became overwhelmed with all the piles of papers, the messes, and the cluttered look in every room.  I literally could not even sit in my own living room because there was no room to sit. I became socially isolated because I did not feel comfortable having anyone over to my house.  I kept the blinds and the doors closed, I shut out the world.  I was embarrassed, angry at myself for allowing it to get to this point and totally overwhelmed.

Where to begin?  I made a few small attempts at de-cluttering but when I was done it looked the same and on some days worse than before I started.   One day I was talking with a dear friend, and I shared a bit about my dilemma.  Then she said the magic words – can I come out and help you?  You see she just started a new business called “Org=Free Space” she needed a few clients that she could experiment with. Thus began my journey toward freedom from clutter.

Things did not change overnight but each week she would arrive and we would tackle one area at a time.  We usually spent from 1-3 hours max.  She would encourage me to take a break every 15 minutes or so which gave me permission to step back relax, lay down or just go get us something to drink. Within 2 months my apartment was looking free of clutter, clean and inviting.  It took on a peaceful atmosphere.  It now was a place that I could invite friends in for tea or lunch.

The Domino Effect:

Ever do this? One recent Saturday as spring weather was warming up I was feeling unusually good. Pain at a low 3/10 and suddenly I could not stand the carpet not being vacuumed…so I did the living room. That led me to move all the plants in front of the sliding glass doors that are not used in the winter. That led to me going outside to clear out one of the flower beds of its winter leaves and debris. Then when I came back inside I noticed the entry way needed a good washing. So I got out my steam mop and did the entry way and while I was at it the kitchen floor was in desperate need of a cleaning.

Soon I was pooped out and had to lie down and stretch out. The next day, when I woke up– I could hardly move. So much for feeling good on Saturday! Yet, I did feel accomplished and felt I put a dent in my spring cleaning.

Reaching for Wisdom:

So how do we clean, de-clutter, organize when we are in pain and not over do it? It is when we take small, manageable steps, we feel more positive and our lives flow more smoothly.

“Finding our power when we’re overwhelmed, confused or depressed requires us to do something even when we don’t want to or don’t feel we can. We have all been there, and taking action is the only way out. “(Paul Boynton, Begin with Yes)

We may not be able to clean the entire house today, but we can clean out one kitchen drawer (or a dresser drawer or bathroom drawer).  Want more ideas? Read Spring Cleaning & De-Cluttering Tips.

Onward today! Spring is here, so take some time to enjoy it.

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