What if you were told that expressive art could help with pain management? Are you interested in learning more? Art is one kind of expressive intervention that has been used successfully in a variety of settings and with different people dealing with chronic health conditions, including pain.

Those who live with chronic pain may have a difficult time finding the right words to describe a life of chronic pain. Creative art can provide you with an alternative way to express ever-changing emotions and be a healing form of therapy.

Join us to experience the power of art in an exercise to minimize pain. Check out our webinar series that will help you develop expressive art skills to support your pain management. Learn how expressive art can be therapeutic and help you with your pain.

All participants are welcome to submit for publishing images of their art, process and workspace as they participate in the self-paced webinars each week. Please submit images to HealingArt@PainCommunity.org along with this release form.

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