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    Hello! I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Purdue University and I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. For a design project we have to create or improve an assistive device. We are focusing on helping to improve the lives of people with chronic pain disorders. Please help us out by answering any of the following questions!

    1. What motions cause you pain while grocery shopping and what activities do you find difficult/try to avoid? (Also what time of pain/disorder you have)

    2. Do you use any products on the market to improve your grocery shopping experience? If yes, what do you like and dislike about them? If no, would you consider using one?

    3. What factors would be important to you in a shopping cart designed to decrease pain associated with shopping? (for example, adjustable height to easily slide into car, etc)

    Any input you could give us would help us to design this product to be most helpful! Thanks guys!

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    Those are some really great questions. I know for myself the thing that helps me the most is one of those Reachers/Grabbers. The problem is finding one that folds up small enough to keep in my purse but is still strong enough to pick up heavier items on the top or bottom shelves.
    The expense is another issue, in order to find one that is strong enough to handle larger items, the expense is too much for most of us who live on tight budget.

    My very best to you in your research and on your pain journey.


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    I totally agree with what TPC YaYa shared. I have degenerative joint disease and I am bone on bone, no discs left. That makes it hard for me to bend and the reacher/grabbers are wonderful tools to have in our pain toolbox.
    I have run in to the same issues, finding one strong enough, small enough to carry around and affordable.

    To answer your question about a shopping cart design that would be helpful. I would love to see one that makes the bottom section more accessible. If you buy large bundles of paper towels or dog food it is so hard to put them on the bottom part and even harder to get them out when you are checking out.
    I have no idea how the shopping cart could be changed to make that bottom section more user friendly for people living with pain but I would so happy if someone does.

    Good luck with your project and pain.


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    I have degenerative disk disease, RA ( Reumatoid Arthritus/autoimmune of some sort) and ACDF of C7-C4,problems al over my spine at this point. And Lord knows what else now. Shopping is always either treat or big burden. I don’t go out much so I kind of cherish shopping more than anything. Biggest problem I have is getting bigger items out of the cart from the bottom or cart into my car. A fold down front would be awesome do I could slide items directly into my SUV from the cart would be awesome. Lifting several heavy bags hurts like hell. So this would be great. Maybe some kind of push system that doesn’t require me to contort my spine which already looks crooked and as if shark teeth are growing connected into my lungs. Mostly stores don’t want you to lift the heavy items any more, at least more than you have to. For me the cart is my “walker” and stabilizer if I have problems walking during shopping. The grabber is a great tool and would be super awesome. I think a really neat thing would be secure atep. Fold down step. Plastic light weight on side of cart. 18″ width with safety rail incorporated. The worst is trying to reach things higher and lower. I can’t always have someone tall with me. But a safe step that allows me to reach an item at 6′ is awesome. I am 5’3″. With my messed up neck and back I get tired of waiting for a store employee, good Samaritan for items clunky for a grabber. Just daydreaming here.

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    Those are all really good ideas. I also have the issues with reaching stuff on higher shelves and using the bottom of the cart. It is hard enough to pick up the heavier items but then to bend to get them under the buggy is madness some days. Once I get heavy things like washing detergent or cases of soda down there I have a hard time getting them out when I get to the cashier or my car.

    I usually wait until the weekends to go shopping so that my husband can do the reaching, lifting and bending.

    Take care,

    TPC YaYa

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