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      Hi I’m new here, essentially I’m struggling to come to terms with my chronic pain. Honestly one of the hardest things is feeling like I have no one to talk too about it.

      My doctors think I have fibromyalgia, although I haven’t ”officially” been diagnosed yet. My life has changed so drastically in the last two years due to all this. I guess I joined this forum because I’m desperately looking for other people to talk too.

      I’m 23, I’m from the Uk. Right now I’m only working one day a week which I already struggle with. I feel very isolated because it’s hard to let the people around me know I’m struggling so much with this pain.

      Anyway, if someone wants to say Hi, or knows of anywhere else where I can maybe talk to people it would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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      Living with chronic pain and illness is hard, it is lonely and so much more. I started my pain journey when I was 24 years old, it took 3 years to get the right diagnosis, so don’t give up on getting to the right dx.

      Pain changes our lives and sometimes the people around us. The forums here on The Pain Community website is good place to talk to others. There is also a group on Facebook that supports The Pain Community, it is called “Friends In Pain: Surviving Chronic Pain Together”. I will put the link below for you.
      If you decide to join the Friends in Pain Facebook group please let them know that Noki sent you so I will know it is you, I enjoy making new friends and look forward to getting to know you if you like.

      Gentle hugs

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