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      Hello, my name is Mercedes. Ive been battleing a very odd low back and pelvic injury for about two years and the pain is tough. Joined this website to hopefuly gain some friends who understand what Im going through. Looking forward to chatting wiht you all!!!

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      Hi there,
      I am a brand new member this evening….3 years ago I had a major back Laminectomy….with lots of metal, screws, etc.

      I am now having major issues with it….terrible pain, etc. I get meds, but they do not kill all my pain…not even close.

      I also am upset from the media trying to make us look like pure drug heads…ohh….if I could, well I cant say here.

      Please answer back to me….as I do live all alone and want to make some online friends with folks like me who have had horrible pain issues. I look forward to meeting by chat many of you.

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      I am so sorry to hear about your injury and your pain. I made a friend during my stay at an in patient physical therapy facility who had a really bad spinal cord injury. He too had a lot of metal and screws in his body. I also witness the very sad circumstance of being him being in so much pain and they can’t do much for it. The scrutiny in the media and medical field about drug addicts is insane. Its ridiculous considering what you two have been through… that is the least of your worries. He was a partial quadriplegic. He wasn’t in the position of being a dealer or an addict truly. I am sorry though.

      I would love to be your friend, I could use more of them myself. This injury that I’ve been dealing with has left me with few friends as well. I have some, they just don’t have the time or resources to help or be around as much as I would like. They also, unfortunately, do not understand chronic pain. The friend that I have been staying with constantly critiques me about my situation and is constantly demanding I do better. ITs sad really if they don’t understand they don’t understand.

      Also I hear you, most people in our positions would do some pretty drastic stuff to help the pain. It’s amazing to me what severe chronic pain can do to a body.I went from having a wonderful high pain tolerance b being a collegiate athlete. I had no clue the body could sustain this much pain for this long.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

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      I’m a new member today I have had 8 spinal surgeries and Dealing with chronic pain for the last 2 decades just recently the doctor has been cutting my medication of OP aides back due to the state regulations after many medications opiates are they only thing that has helped me and now I’m on a very low dose of oxycodone. I live in oregon. Would love to talk to a friend with similar problems.

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      Hi there Chris….sorry to hear of your pain and problems. Why exactly did your doctor do this?…you said new state regulations….please inform me about this as it may help all of us to know more of what is going on….also what is the strength now of your oxycodone? how often do you take it?….that is what I take for my chronic surgical back pain.

      Life can be hell at times…but NEVER GIVE UP OR IN. We all have to be mentally strong and try to get help from our legislatures. Some do not understand us…some do. It is always a battle

      I myself?…..I will let my voice be heard to help all of us!
      Please reply…thank you

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