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      My partner is making creepy sounds in the midnight while I am in deep sleep. I usually get frightened and jump out of the bed in the middle of the night hearing this huge noise. He has got bruxism and refuses to get treatment for the same.
      It has not bothered me until last year. We are getting older and my sleep patterns have changed. I get only a little sleep now and I find it very difficult to manage the household job and the office works. I feel exhausted during the day time and I feel sleepy during the work hours.
      I tried using earplugs. But, I hate the idea of not being able to hear anything. When I discussed my concern with my best friend, she recommended purchasing custom mouthguards from Mississauga. She told that it is an excellent method to prevent grinding of the teeth. My husband has got a really small mouth. Is it required to trim the mouthguard before fitting it? Is it possible to clean the mouthguard?

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      Hi Saniya,

      My youngest daughter started grinding her teeth as a teenager. It was loud enough that I could hear the grinding from my bedroom that was across the hall from her’s. I took her to see her dentist and he recommended a custom fit mouth guard. By custom fit I mean they took impressions of her mouth and then the mouth guard was made to fit perfectly over her teeth. She did not have any issues with it because it was a perfect replica of her teeth and it was thin, not big and bulky like you think of when you think of the type used for sports.

      It was also very easy to clean, she used regular toothpaste to clean it. During the day she had a special case that she kept it in.

      I hope this was helpful


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      Hi all.

      Did you try kinesiology tape? My ex also got bruxism, I can understand how it’s bothering you at night. He was going to the gym and sometimes got issues with knees. So he was using kinesiology tape to reduce pain in the knee joint. His coach advised him to try put this tape on zygomatic joints at night to relax muscle pressure. And you know, after few months of using this tape he stopped making creepy sounds at night. Maybe it will help you too.

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