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      I know migraines having had them for about 32 years, however I was fortunate that when I was 40 they just stopped. I still get the occasional “ocular” migraine (the aura with only mild to moderate pain) however it seemed like when I stopped my husband started. Until we figured out his triggers, he ended up in the emergency room a couple of times. We probably still don’t know them all because he still needs to use his sumatriptan injections occasionally (about 8 times a month). So what are his triggers; Red dye #40, yellow dye #5, and alcohol? Let me tell you, the artificial food colorings (AFC) are difficult to deal with. Crescent rolls-yellow dye #5, Ocean Spray Cranberry-Cherry juice Red #40, most non-chocolate candy all have AFC, yellow cake mixes and so forth. Medications are particularly troublesome and sometimes they don’t even list AFC as an inert ingredient. Is there any reason in the world why medication needs to be colored? I know there are some common food triggers such as chocolate, some cheeses, etc. but they don’t seem to bother him.
      Consider ATF as a possible trigger for you. Any other food triggers out there?

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      Artificial food coloring is a trigger that I’ve been pretty good at avoiding. Artificial sweeteners is another trigger that many people overlook. No matter which artificial sweetener it is, I feel like I’ve been smacked in the head within 15 minutes of ingesting it. Then the nausea comes on and I find myself with an overwhelming headache situation.

      I do have problems with some more commonly known headache triggers; dairy products and caffeine.

      Avoiding trigger foods is a key part of my pain management plan.

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