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    I have been dealing with pain for over 20 years. It can consume your life before you really even know it is happening. Over the years the one big thing that I have learned is that finding a purpose, finding a way to distract you from the pain and to help you feel accomplished can make all the difference. Find what makes you happy, find something that you have a passion for. It can make all the difference.

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    So true Noki4…I had a fortune oookie years ago that said when all else fails lower your standards. Sometimes one of the road blocks is remembering what we could do not what we can do. So being able to do less when is in fact more considering is an attitude that works for me; if that makes sense.

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    One day at a time. That is what we have to learn and sometimes that is a hard lesson to learn but like you said, sometimes less is more. Accept what you can do and move forward with it is my motto.

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