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      I have always been puzzled by the number of articles that I read that include statements like “chronic pain from cancer” as opposed to “chronic pain from non-cancer”. The problem that I find is related to the fact that a person’s brain cannot determine what the “cause” of a person’s pain is related to. The brain can only determine that it is in pain, not the cause of that pain. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is people who assign the difference between cancer pain and non-cancer pain and from that it is people who determine “who deserves” pain treatment. It is time to stop the delineation. People in pain only know that they are indeed in pain and deserve to be treated and not left to suffer. The attacks on those who are in pain needs to end and be replaced with empathy and access to treatment to improve quality of life!😊

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      Pain is pain — regardless of the cause everyone should be treated with compassion and with all appropriate therapeutic approaches including conventional & complementary. Regardless of the cause — pain care should be positive, hopeful, and empowering.


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