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      People living with pain can find themselves unable to work at the career of their choice; this does not mean sitting down and quitting. Remember you are more than your pain. Each of you have so much to contribute to the world around us; you are a unique human being with talent. Volunteer work can be an amazing way to stay positive. The time you spend volunteering allows you to focus on helping others and that can help you step away from your own pain and other concerns.

      Show the world that your pain does not define who you are through volunteer work. Like The Pain Community (TPC), there are many non-profits that you can volunteer with from the comfort of your own home. We, at TPC, love our volunteers and the many different talents they bring to our online community. We wish to be your Number 1 choice.

      If you are interested in volunteering with TPC, send us an email from our contact page.


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      Oh I love this topic. It took me years to figure out what I was suppose to do with my life of pain. I found it by accident even though I had been looking for a long time.

      I discovered that I was pretty good at helping others who were starting a journey of pain. I also found that I had a knack to help others who found themselves stuck and unable to see beyond the pain. It is so rewarding and the fact is, helping others helps me deal with my own pain issues.

      Finding my place in this world and finding that the pain is what gave me the ability to help others was eye-opening for me. How could living with pain be a good thing? That is the question I get most of the time when I share how volunteering has helped my journey of pain.

      The most important thing that I can share is how volunteering allowed me to regain something that I had lost, my ability to feel accomplishment.

      So many folks living with pain find themselves having to rethink who they are. It can be depressing, heartbreaking and downright miserable. Once a person living with pain can step outside of the pain, they can begin to see that they still have so much to offer the world.

      Get out there and volunteer or find a way to volunteer online. I promise you that it is life changing in a very good way.

      Take care,


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      I saw your post on the TPC facebook page and wanted to stop by and share how volunteering had a huge impact for my significant other.

      She never let the pain own her, she fought back hard. She refused to give up but there was still something missing in her life.

      She found that she was also good at helping other people who lived with pain, like Noki4 mentioned.

      I saw such a huge change in her outlook on life. She was smiling more, she would get so excited talking about her volunteer time that she would talk so fast I would have to tell her to slow down.

      I do not live with pain, I am her caregiver and partner in life. She lives with pain and I can testify that finding a way to make the pain journey positive was so good for her.

      Pipboy (caregiver)

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