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      I’ve had upper back and neck chronic pain for years. When I slouch it creates major sharp pain. I’ve tried those posture braces and… now I understand why women hate bras. Whoah. First question, how do you ladies do it!??! Anways…

      I’ve been doing a lot of back stretches and exercises, but it’s so boring. Also, I slouch because I’m a hot mess and weak as hell. So I have been thinking… What is everyone’s thoughts on a little sensor that goes on your back.

      That same sensor could connect to your TV. On your TV you would have a person exercising with you. Since that sensor can track back movement and angles, then it could tell you if you’re doing it right. Then it can become like a nintendo game where the trainer challenges you to exercise and beat your goals in real time.

      Is there anything like this? Is this a stupid idea??


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      Hi Doug,

      With chronic back pain and conditions the way we sit can impact us. After reading your post I decided to do a little research and I found something on Amazon that may be what you are looking for.
      It says “When your posture starts to slip, the device vibrates to remind you to straighten up.”

      It is called the:
      Upright GO Posture Trainer and Corrector for Back | Strapless, Discrete, Easy to Use | Complete with App and Training Plan | Back Health Benefits and Confidence Builder | Improved Posture in No Time

      Here is the link for you.

      If you go with this please do come back and let us know if it worked for you.

      In the meantime, we want to invite you to check out our support calls every Tuesday. It is a great place to bounce idea’s off of others who live with pain and know what the journey is all about. It is also a great place to make new friends and get the support that is so important for those living with pain. Here is a link with the info and the schedule.

      TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls

      Take care,

      TPC YaYa
      TPC Community Moderator

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      Hi Doug!
      I have that same problem: back and neck chronic pain for years.
      Only i didn’t help nothing not massage, pills or others things.
      I get relief pain only with Wild Lettuce extract. It was help for me realy good. Maybe for you its will help to.

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