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      I have been mostly bedridden due to Chronic lower back and leg pain. standing and sitting even for short periods becomes too uncomfortable even with special pads. I have spent the last three years dealing with chronic back pain. I keep hoping the next procedure will help, but the list of options has come down to treating it with medication. I have finally asked the VA to help accommodate my home for easier living. I know I have to accept this life, but I am still struggling with it. I used to be very active and now I am stuck in bed. Has anyone ever had this experience? Is there anyone who has been able to accept this shift type of shift?

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      Hi CatesAM,

      It was pleasure chatting with you today in chat. I look forward to many more chats with you.

      Going back to our chat please remember 1) you are not alone 2) it is okay — to not be okay all the time.

      Accepting that our lives have changed doesn’t happen overnight. We each go through the struggle and there is no right way or wrong way. There is also no timelines or deadlines to acceptance.

      You will find your way through this and now that you have found TPC, we are all here to help you in anyway way we can.

      Talk to you soon,

      TPC Yaya
      TPC Community Moderator

      “The views or opinion(s) contained herein do not necessarily represent those of The Pain Community.”

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      I think anyone with lower back and leg pain has had to accept this life style. I’m 30 yrs old and I’ve had chronic lower back pain for the past 5 years it’s pure hell the Drs just don’t get it. I have bursitis in both hips and the past 2 days I have had so much pain in my hips and basically the only thing that feels good is laying on my heating pad. It’s amazing to me how many little things I take for granted. I think if people could see the pain they would understand more. 😒😣 I’ll be praying for you. I hope u find something to ease the pain. Good luck

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      Hi Babyleggs88,

      You are correct, if people who do not live with pain could visualize our pain they would understand it better.

      It is hard to understand or comprehend what they cannot see, touch, feel or smell. It goes back to how we are taught as children to comprehend things by using our senses.

      We wish you the best and invite you to join in on our outreach programs if you would like.

      We have hosted live chats here on the website every, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 AM ET.

      We also have support calls every Tuesday. Here is the link for the support calls and it also has the schedule for the calls.
      The support calls are very laid back and a safe place for people to share the journey of pain and to do with others who truly understand.

      TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls

      Take care,

      TPC YaYa
      TPC Community Moderator

      “The views or opinion(s) contained herein do not necessarily represent those of The Pain Community.”

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