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      Sometimes we find ourselves with questions with medications that come in a form of a patch it can be, problems with the patches sticking or redness or itchy.
      While it is always good to let your healthcare provider or pharmacists know of any changes, sometimes talking to others who are on the same medication can help also. They can help you form the questions that you want to ask your provider or pharmacists. They can also share the best ways they found to remove the adhesive left on the area after the removal of a patch.

      So to start out the discussion I am making this topic. It is a place to discuss all the different type patches that we may use like, Lidoderm patches, Nausea patches, Fentanyl patches and I am sure there are others that are not coming to mind.

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      There are NSAID patches too (as well as gels).

      I think it is good to know which patches can be cut and which ones cannot. For example, fentanyl patches should NOT be cut. Lidoderm (lidocaine patch which is a numbing agent) can be cut to fit the area.

      Also, important to know that fentanyl patches are recommended to be changed every 72 hours—yet with some “high metabolizers” changing them every 48 hours is more effective. That decision should be made with your healthcare provider. Keeping a diary of patch changes and pain levels will help document whether such a change is warranted.

      Lidoderm is recommended to be worn 12 hours and taken off 12 hours. Again, using a diary as above can help your pain provider decide with you if that change cycle needs revision for optimal results.

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