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One of the best things about these discussion forums here at TPC are it allows us to share and it allows us to see that we are not alone.

I know exactly what you are feeling in regards to being a good mother. My pain journey started when all three of my children were small. I had a one year old and a six and seven year old.

There were days that I felt just about as low as I could because I did not think I was a good mother to my precious girls. That was many years ago and I want to share with you that all my girls are now grown, two of them married with children and they have shared with me how proud of me that they are.
Even though I had the pain issues, they still felt the love they needed to feel and they still felt very well taken care of.

You are a good mom and one of these days when your children are grown, I bet they too share with you how proud of you they are and let you know that you are a great mom.

take care