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I’m sorry I’ve been away. I have been after bd to post for me but somehow it never gets done. It’s OK. He does the best he can and always makes sure I have a safe place to live well mostly safe.
We had a BIG storm last weekend. Rain and thunder showers started on Friday. The wind picked and by Saturday had pushed a lot of water into the bayou. It was a long jump to the dock when I had to go ashore to use the giant litterbox at the end of the dock and an even longer on back aboard.
Sunday morning several people called to see if we were ok. Bd said it was no big deal just some showers and a little wind. There had been storms west of us. Around noon bd’s phone buzzed it said there was a tornado comin to kill us at any second and we should hide for the next several hours. Bd told me we were safe and after checking to make sure everything was secure topsides we hunkered down in the cabin. The wind and rain came in sidewise. the power went out. The jib on a boat at the end of the dock worked an edge loose and beat itself to ribbons. I sat in bd’s lap and he watched a movie till things quieted down a little. When the rain stopped bd sat in the cockpit and visited with Jessee and his BIG dog Louis. The water was up to the decking on the dock. There was no way I was getting off the boat.
After a bit the power came on then about 8:30 the power to our boat went of. Bd went to reset the breaker but before he got there it started to pour and he came back soaked without resetting the power. He was wet and no power meant no heat so he went to bed and watched another movie. The boat was still bouncing around so I curled up with bd. Then after the lights were out it happened. The dark and the bouncing finally got to me. I got seasick. It was terrible. And no throwing up did not make me feel any better! Bd got up and cleaned things up. He was up and down all night anyway. He even watched a video at 3 o’clock in the morning.
I always felt safe. I knew bd would protect me. I just wish the boat hadn’t bounced for so long.
for now the dock is quiet and the water is on the outside of the boat so all is well in my world
Ms. Kitty