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Hi SirenDestiny,

I am happy to meet you. I also live with pain and was young (24 yrs) when I started this journey. I too was a stay at home mom for many years. My children are now adults and two of them have families of their own.
When I was going through the early years of my pain journey, I had no one to talk to that really could understand. My family was wonderful and supportive but like you said, they really can not fully understand.

Over the years my hobbies have changed to sewing, knitting, scrapbooking. Things I can do while sitting down. I use to love to be outside in my many flower beds, pruning and taking care of the flowers. That hobby I cannot do like I use too but I still enjoy getting outside and doing a little at a time.

I love to meet and make new friends and I would like to offer my friendship, support, compassion and understanding to you. I see that TPC YaYa already mentioned the hosted chats, I love the chats. I love to start my day off with joining all the friends in the chat. We are like a family and we love to bring new folks into our TPC chat family.

Take care,