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Hi Dana702,

You never have to apologize for needing to vent. I have been there many times myself. Being on a journey of pain is frustrating, depressing and a whole list of things. When you add in the fight that many have just to be able to have some quality of life, it is mind-numbing.

On what I call a good day or typical day, my pain level ranges in the 6-7-8 levels due to the lack of disc’s in my back and neck. A bad day is, 9-10. I had to develop a high tolerance for the pain because when it started I had three children all under the age of 8 years old that I needed to take care of. In a way it is good that I can handle higher pain levels but in other ways not so good because some doctors tend to not believe me when I tell that I have a high tolerance and explain why.

You are right, we will find a way through this journey of pain and having friends who understand can make all the difference. Having the forums here to talk with one another helps so much. I look forward to having many discussions with you here.

Take care,