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Hi Confused Me,

I have never had braces but one of my children did. When she first had the braces put on, she did have some pain and discomfort. I was told when I consulted her dentist that it was normal and that the pain would ease off after a few days. She was told she could use over the counter pain relievers as needed (please consult your dentist before using any over the counter medications).

She did not eat a lot for the first couple days, she mainly used cold drinks, milkshakes and ice cream seemed to help give her some relief.

I was told that if the pain did not ease off after a week then I was to contact the dentist again. She did still have some pain and discomfort and so I took her back 5 days after the braces had been placed and they found one of the placements was not just right and that it was causing pressure on one of her teeth and that was the cause of the toothache.
You could talk to your dentist and see if this could be a possible cause if the pain does not ease.

I think it is normal to be a little upset and angry when we have something done that is to better our lives and then we experience pain. I can only share what I have used for my own times of anger and that was to breathe through the anger and to allow myself to meditate a few minutes and allow the moment of anger to pass.

I hope this will be helpful for you and that your pain eases very soon for you.

Take care,