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Hi Jrasted, I am so sorry for what has happened to you. One thing I do not understand is how that doctor can tell you that you cannot see your primary care provider again. I just cannot see how the other doctors in the practice would be accepting of this guy taking their patients. Even though I would be scared, worried and so much more, I would reach out to your Dr. John and find out if he agrees with this.

I see a primary care provider where there are multiple doctors in the practice and I have seen them all over the past 20+ years but have never been told by one of them that I cannot continue to see my Dr. Brian even if they disagree with the medications and treatments he gives me.

I wish you the best and hope that you will come back and let me know how things go.

I also want to share with you something that has helped me greatly and that The Pain Community offers to support us. Every Tuesday there is a support conference call. The calls are free, but please check your long distance calling plan to see if any standard long distance rates apply.

The calls are laid back and everyone can share what they want too and if you just want to listen or share just a little that is okay too. Here is the link and the schedule of the calls. I do hope you will think about giving the calls a try. The next call is August 21st at 1:00pm ET, 12:00pm CT, 11:00am MT and 10:00am PT.

Take care,

TPC Outreach Support Conference Calls