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RAINBOWS!! The rainbows must have followed the red bug from N. Carolina. I’m so excited to see them again. They come in the afternoon and dance all around the cabin; so many it’s hard to keep track of them all.
The other cats on the dock are starting to understand that “Lonoh” is MY boat. Still I have to be on guard all the time or we’ll be invaded. The dogs stay off the boat but I have to be careful when I’m on the dock. There’s a black one called Smokey that always chases me, though I’m faster. Personally I think she should be banned from the dock or at least kept on a leash. Unfortunately I’m just a cat and no-one listens to me.
Monday night I was out keeping watch when I missed my footing. It may be Florida and the Gulf of Mexico but at midnight that water is COLD! I climbed back aboard and went below to wake bd so he could dry me off. When he had done all he could I laid down near the heater to warm up and finish drying off.
My favorite times are sunny afternoons. Bd and I stretch out in the warm cockpit and nap. I usually sleep on his chest to keep him safe. Sometimes he tells me I’m “to heavy” and pushes me off. Can you imagine such an insult? To heavy indeed!
Ms. Kitty