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Thank you for posting my picture. It was very thoughtful of you. I wish bd had sent you a more flattering pic. How he got me with my tounge stuck out I have no idea. Sometimes I think he has no sense at all. You can’t imagine the indignities he puts me through. The other night the water was almost over the dock. When bd got off the boat I followed him to be sure he was all right. It was a huge jump down but I didn’t care I wanted to be with bd. When he was ready to get back aboard he picked me up and tossed (yes that’s right I said tossed!) me back on the boat. Talk about embarrassing! To be fair he was even less graceful when he tried to climb aboard.
Santa brought me a new red bug for Christmas. It comes out to play in the morning. Bd sits down to have his coffee and fill in the log book for the day and then the bug comes out to play. Most days I have to tell bd to let the bug out.
Ms. Kitty