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Hello Guit30,

Welcome to The Pain Community (TPC). We also responded to your message on the other forum however like Noki4 we wanted to also post here.

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues filling your prescriptions from your health care provider. As Noki4 mentioned this is in part due to the new guidelines that pharmacies are putting in place.

If you have tried speaking to the pharmacist and your doctor has tried and they still refuse to fill the legitimate prescription you may be best served to find another pharmacy. If this is the way you decide to go please talk to your doctor first. Many doctors who treat chronic pain have patients sign an agreement/contract stating they will only use one pharmacy and the name and location of that pharmacy is usually written in the contract.
In order to change to another pharmacy it would need to be noted in your records by your doctor. So please continue to communicate with your doctor if you decide to seek another pharmacy.

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