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    Hello, I have recently once again gotten the lovely words “there’s nothing more we can do for you right now” from my doctor recently. Since my pain has an unknown cause, a common treatment option is not currently available for me. I am interested in looking at different pain management programs throughout the U.S. and Canada, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. The main program I have always had recommended to me is the 3 week program at the Mayo Clinic, but I have met an individual who went through the program and she had negative things to say about the program and they way in which they handle pain is not similar in any way to how I have been coping with my pain for the past 8.5 years. I am not looking for a completely new coping mechanism; I am looking for pain management programs that are preferably only a few days long (I am a graduate student so I don’t have much free time) and programs that provide a variety of suggestions on how to manage pain, but do not require me to change my current coping mechanisms.

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    Hi Lizzben,

    It was nice chatting with you in the chat on Wednesday. I understand way you are as I have been told many times that same thing, “sorry we can’t help you with the pain”.

    I have been lucky that my family doctor continues to help me with options for pain relief. I have tried a couple of the pain management programs offered by one of our local hospitals. Have you checked with your local hospitals and/or local rehab places?
    I went through a really good one years ago at our local rehab place. I do believe that it was a two week program and I went 3 days for two weeks for a couple hours.
    They helped me learn mediation, deep breathing and even how to fall to minimize injury.

    I am sorry but that is all the help I can be. I do hope others see this message and can offer you more suggestions.

    Take care,

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