Wikipedia defines caregiving as an unpaid or paid person who helps another individual with an impairment with his or her activities of daily living”.

There is one type of caregiver that is missing from most caregiving lists. They are the caregivers for people living with pain, the husbands, wives, children, significant others, life partners and beloved friends and neighbors. They do the same things that all the other caregivers do but many times not mentioned in an article about caregivers. These caregivers, are many times the only person that someone living with pain can depend on to support or provide the care they need each day.

Unsung praise for those who walk beside us, hold our hands and watch us suffer.  Those who listen to bitter words, understand limitations and assist us in achieving ordinary tasks.  A job that one did not ask for but performs with love, empathy and frustration.  We are all human, and dance around each other, sharing experiences, life and suffering.  No-one wishes to be in pain, dreams to be in pain or wants to be caring for those in pain.

Stand up tall and straight for you are a caregiver for someone you care about who lives with pain. Hold your head up high and be proud of what you are doing.

We find ourselves wishing that your burden was not so heavy, and admire your persistence and fortitude. Words are not enough to convey gratitude.

We salute all caregivers!

Submitted by TPC Community Members

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