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      Any one that is a disabled veteran knows how hard it is to get your proper rating of disability with the VA. I received my package from VARO Saturday stating that they were finally approving my appeal. I started this process back in 2007 and my case made its way from the VARO to the US Court of Veteran Appeals 2 times and was on its way for the third time when the Board of Veteran appeals finally agreed that they hadn’t rated me properly. 9 years I battled with the VA till I received my rating of 90% scheduler. I have been Individually Unemployable since 2010. I know that I could have made the process a lot easier if I had followed the advice posted on a couple of websites. or These are both websites created by veterans to help their fellow vets with a lot of the problems you may run into with the VA and how to make your appeal go a lot smoother and hopefully you won’t have to wait 9 years to win your appeal. No matter what, do not give up! You may get frustrated, and even angry but if you stay strong you will get there.

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