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      I had a horrible night last night. Gerd was really bad and could taste stomach acid in the back of my throat all night. When I finally did get a bit of sleep I was freezing. I woke up shiverering. Unable to find even under my blankets. I took my temperature and it read 93. Something degrees, I took it again and it was 94.74 degrees. I found more blankets and clothes until I finally started warming back up again. I texted my partner but got response. Texted a friend and the same. I was in a panic. I was afraid to take the morning pain pills. Finally I called the V. A. Nurse Triage crying. The nurse went through a series of questions and deemed it would be safe for me to take my meds. I tried getting up to work my way to the bathroom and my head felt off center. My whole body ached. I spent the rest of the day in bed. I am bed bound most days due to lower back, hip, and left leg,knee, and foot pain. After today, I know I cannot be in my house unattended. I have had hypothermia before, I was worried that the pain meds would put me to sleep and I might not have woken back up again. We will see how the process goes for in home care, but I am guessing long. Will try to keep this discussion updated. Concentration is getting worse

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      Hi CatesAM,

      I am sorry you are experiencing this. Was you able to set up the home health care? We totally understand about concentration being difficult. For many of us we live with a fog of sorts that can and does affect our ability to concentrate for very long.

      Please do let us know how you are doing.

      Take care,

      TPC YaYa
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      Sorry to hear about that. You should do what the OP said already. Besides you can make a call to the health care centre in your local area. And get home treatment for this issue. All the best!

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      Take care

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